What's the Scoop on Hoops

What's the Scoop on Hoops

Wearing jewelry is always fun and interesting, especially when you decide to go with earrings. Throughout history, earrings have seen a great change and development in styles. Each new season brings a new set of trends that make the earrings the most desired jewelry pieces. Those who wear earrings know how stylish and cool appearance and look the earrings can provide. Whenever it is to complete an outfit or just add a dose of class and stylishness, the earrings are a remarkable accessory.


Lately, the return of the ‘80s and ‘90s fashion and styles brought back the return of the earring hoops as one of the biggest jewelry trends. Nothing makes an outfit stand out like a pair of hoop earrings. They are considered bold, eye-catching, and statement jewelry. The return of the hoop earrings just puts an additional rage on the iconic style of these pieces. Not only they are not something new, but their tradition is centuries old. For thousands of years, men and women in many different cultures have worn hoop earrings. They are the oldest and the boldest accessories and there is a good reason for that. The presence of hoop earrings has been recorded through numerous ancient cultures and as such, they remain to be significant and appreciated style trend all around the world.


The history of hoop earrings

As mentioned above, hoop earrings have first been used in ancient times. Through time, they have become popular in many different cultures throughout the world. The first time that the hoop earrings are mentioned is in areas around Mesopotamia. Sumerian women were the first to wear gold hoop earrings. It was around 2500 BCE. At the same time, the hoops were also making their debut among people in African civilizations and Nubia (Sudan). As time passed, the hoops became a part of different cultures and traditions of different people. They were first spotted in Egypt around 1500 BCE. An interesting thing that made the hoop earrings so universally bellowed was the belief that they symbolized wealth, as well as enhanced beauty. Inspired and driven by the rich symbolism, the Greek and the Etruscan goldsmiths started to make hoop earrings in the first millennium BCE. They both created their own version of hoop earrings that symbolized wealth and prosperity. These versions featured details such as gemstones, flowers, and beads.

The hoops did not see quite a popularity in the Middle Ages. In fact, the majority of hoop earrings were worn by pirates making it a trend. In the early 19th century, hoop earrings made a comeback into mainstream fashion. It was not until the '80s when the hoops got the meaning that they carry today, with a special nod to the fashion industry and a particular culture. It was the African-American and working-class Latina women that started wearing hoops in the 1980s. The hoop earrings were an accessory that was embedded into their pride and empowerment as women of color. It became a symbol of their culture, strength, and ancestry.


The types of hoop earrings

Hoop earrings can elevate any look and outfit. They also suit any face type. They are considered chic and elegant choices. The market today offers an abundance of hoop types that suit different styles and preferences. So, what is there to choose from?

Huggies – Huggies are also known as huggie hoop earrings. Their design is created to fully embrace the earlobes. They are pretty small, with thicker common widths, and they are designed to curve gracefully. They are an elegant choice, and can also be worn as single earrings.

Diamond hoops – the diamond-studded hoop earrings are a choice that is simply a no-miss. They are elegant, modern, and cozy and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Pearl hoop earrings – pearls and hoops go great together. Since pearls are timeless classics, the combination with the hoops delivers astounding pair of earrings. These earrings are versatile, classic, and sophisticated.

Square hoop earrings – the square hoop earrings are another proof of the design evolvement. They are attractive, come in different sizes and deliver mesmerizing and unexpected fashionability to your ears.

Big hoop earrings – The big hoop earrings are probably the most distinctive, appealing, and trendy earrings. They are the type that has been popular the most. The ones that particularly stand out are the big, thin JLo-style hoop earrings. 


Celebrities that love wearing hoop earrings

When it comes to celebrity jewelry picks, hoop earrings are a frequent and common choice. The trend of the hoop earring kicked off in the early '90s, with the looks that Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker flaunted. The hoop earring was their staple accessory. Then followed Jennifer Lopez, making it her signature ensemble. Victoria Beckham, Christina Aguilera Today, Zendaya, and Hailey Bieber are just some of the Insta-girls including the hoop earrings as their choice for the casual off0duty looks.

Trendy and fashionable tips to wear your hoops

The latest trends in the jewelry departments suggest bringing back the '80s and '90s nostalgia, and with that comes the return of the hoop earrings as the only pair that you will need. For all those of you looking to reintroduce the hoops in some fresh and new way, here are some fashionable and trendy tips and ways how to wear them.

            Here to stay

The new trends put the focus on the sleek gold and silver styles of hoop earrings. They come in all sizes, from small and chunky to oversize. The great looks are displayed stacking them on the ears.

            A pop of color

Enamel also made a comeback in the jewelry department that transferred onto the hoop earrings too. The playful designs in clear and colorful acrylic and enamel are an option to go with this season.

            Beaded hoops

The beads are back, and the best way to incorporate that trend with the hoops is with the beaded moon-like beads.

With so many interesting and colorful ways to wear the hoops, they should definitely be your statement jewelry pick. 

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