20 Facts About Gold Vermeil That You Need To Know

20 Facts About Gold Vermeil That You Need To Know

Gold jewelry pieces are now more popular than ever, as their classic charm puts them over the top. We have seen a significant spike, especially in recent years, where the market has overflown with gold pieces. These pieces are simply stunning, but most of them are not even solid gold. They are gold vermeil and offer you charming choices that will dazzle you. Here we have 20 facts about gold vermeil that can help you learn more about the product. 

  1. Vermeil jewelry is legally defined as sterling silver pieces layered with solid gold electroplates. This legal definition was established in the United States of America but is not followed almost everywhere in the world.
  2. Meaning that any jewelry classified as vermeil jewelry must be 92.5% pure sterling silver, and can only contain 7.5% of any other metal. Moreover, it must be layered with at least 10K gold but can go up to 14K to 24K gold.
  3. Gold vermeil was initially designed as jewelry that lasts longer than most metals. Its solid sterling silver base topped with a layer of gold makes it a great option for day-to-day wear.
  4. Vermeil is a French word that is pronounced in many different ways. While most of these ways are considered to be accurate, but the most common way to pronounce the term is vehr-may.
  5. You may not know but Vermeil can outlast almost every metal apart from solid gold. This is due to the thick layer of gold set on sterling silver. Making it a more budget-friendly and last choice.
  6. Studies show that vermeil does not tarnish, but poorly made vermeil can tarnish over years. However, you can get a new layer of solid gold to regain its appearance and create a lasting piece.
  7. Vermeil is considered to be real gold, as the minimum requirement for layering is 10K gold. Set on a base of pure sterling silver that makes it a desirable choice. Moreover, it can be layered by 10K, 14K, 18K, and 24K gold to make it more enticing.
  8. Link any other metal vermeil is not waterproof, and the minerals and other deposits found in tap water can damage and dull the jewelry piece over time. So when about to jump in the shower or pool it's best to leave your jewelry behind. This way you can protect it from harsh water, soap, shampoo, and conditioners.
  9. Gold vermeil is the second highest quality jewelry you can purchase after solid gold. As it is the most affordable and lasting investment you can make apart from gold. Furthermore, as demi-fine jewelry, it ranks as one of the highest quality options available.
  10. One of the most unknown facts about gold vermeil is that it is completely hypoallergenic. Making it one of the most desirable choices for those who are allergic to common metal, and might have sensitive skin.
  11. Another unknown fact about gold vermeil is that it is considered to be a better option than plated jewelry. As plated jewelry has no set standards on its thickness and base quality, it is far behind gold vermeil in every aspect.
  12. Unlike plated jewelry, gold vermeil follows set laws when it comes to quality. Making it a superior choice to any other type of plated jewelry found in the market today.
  13. Link gold, gold vermeil can be readjusted from any jeweler. As its base is sterling silver it must be adjusted by a professional using the right tools. Meaning your gold vermeil piece will not be damaged, but to ensure its best to get it replated with gold. This is an optional choice that depends on the intensity it has to go through.
  14. Even if gold vermeil tarnishes over time you can get it replated and it will be as good as new. Making it a long-term investment one that you can enjoy, and even pass down in the family.
  15. Gold vermeil is an age-old technique that was first practiced in France in the 18th century, one that slowly gathered more traction once its price and quality were established.
  16. Most large gold pieces back in the 18th century were gold vermeils such as Crown jewels, gold metals, and other contemporary jewelry pieces that are now showcased in museums all around the world.
  17. A hidden fact about gold vermeil is that it was crafted by accident, through the process of fire glazing. It is said the jeweler was trying to craft lasting and affordable pieces and soon came up with a way that ensures quality and an affordable price tag. However, the process required heavy use of mercury and was banned shortly after.
  18. However, in the 19th century, George and Henry Elkington developed a new technique and filed for a parent in which they explained the electroplating process. A process that uses positive and negative charges and is completely mercury-free.
  19. Modern-day gold vermicelli uses 120 layers of gold onto sterling silver that created a tarnish-resistant piece that is easily affordable.
  20. When used with slight care, gold vermeil is known to last more than two decades, offering you ample time with pieces you adore.

 These are some of the many facts surrounding gold vermeil, adding to your current knowledge on one of the best jewelry metal choices out there. It is a great addition to your life, one that will easily last, yet offer you the classic and charming impact that gold jewelry carries.


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