The Gemini Queen:  Personality Traits, Characteristics, Fashion & Style

The Gemini Queen: Personality Traits, Characteristics, Fashion & Style

"Geminis find themselves in right-place, right-time situations, because they’re light on their feet and really adaptable, really elegant.” —Colin Bedell, Astrologer"

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Gemini is represented by the twins - reminding us that there are two sides to every coin. While you never know which one is which, you can get a good idea of what being a Gemini woman is all about. Ruled by mercury the Gemini does not appreciate sticking to any perspective and enjoys playing with identities every now and then.

Personality Traits

  • Adaptable - One of the best traits about Gemini women is that they are easygoing and adjustable. Meaning they are willing to try new things at least once in their life and are not afraid to go with the flow. Making fun plans and taking on adventures are embedded in their nature.
  • Outgoing - Their social personality makes them crave the outdoor life, this is not limited to social gatherings alone. A Gemini women love traveling and enjoys the beauty that life has to offer. Filling their life with interesting additions these smooth-talking ladies know exactly what to say and how to outshine in any setting.
  • Intelligent - Highly intelligent Gemini women are not only book smart but know how to read between the lines. They are inquisitive and love to learn new things. These can be anything from facts, history, to the person they are talking to. With a book in one hand and their mind focused on the conversation they quickly pick up everything they need to thrive.
  • Impulsive - Their excitement leads them towards impulsiveness. Meaning, they can easily change their mind or take a leap of faith. A trait that can help steer them in the right direction, or lead them on the wrong path. Either way, a Gemini woman is ready to stand by her decision until the very end.
  • Indecisive - A downside of being intelligent is that they end up overanalyzing every single situation. Trying to connect dots that do not exist leads them in the wrong direction. However, their indecisive nature leads to small aspects such as picking a movie to watch, something to eat, covering all the basics in their life.

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Characteristics of A Gemini Woman

Gemini women are considered to be witty, pretty, and one with a creative touch. There is a good chance you excel at painting, flower arrangement, photography, baking, pottery, or any other artistic trait.

Being a Gemini woman you are notoriously social and love to chatter. You can talk for days to come, finding interesting conversation pieces to keep the ball rolling. Leaving everyone you come into contact with dazzled with your personality.

Another thing Gemini women excel at is making everything look easy, something they can do in their sleep. While others may find it hard to follow the dots, a Gemini woman can navigate her way without a single hitch.

Fashion & Style

A true Gemini is not held back by society and normal standards. She is a fearless goddess who is not afraid to mix and match colored pieces. Showing off her style using bright colored tops, maxi dresses, bottoms.

She chooses colors such as orange, yellow, and magenta and when it comes to shoes she is more inclined towards neutral colors that help her balance out the overall appearance.

When it comes to accessorizing she all about making a statement using jewelry. Adding powerful touches to her appearance using bracelets, rings, and necklaces that help her to show off her mood.

The most amazing thing about Gemini women is that they look impeccable no matter what they are doing. They might be out walking the dog, or pulling out weeds. All the while rocking a moment appropriate yet stunning attire at all times.

Famous Gemini Women
Naomi Campbell

Patti Labelle

Faith Evans

Zoe Saldana

Octavia Spencer

Lauren Hill

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