The Cancer Queen:  Personality Traits, Characteristics and Fashion Style

The Cancer Queen: Personality Traits, Characteristics and Fashion Style

One of the most astounding traits in the Zodiac falls to Cancer, and it's their innate ability to spark happiness in others even when they themselves are not feeling great. ~Maria Silva, Cancer

Cancer women are soft, loving, kind, and reliable in nature. They are easy to make new friends but expect the same response from the other side. These determined women are ready to take on the world for what they believe in and will go to the needs of the world for the ones they love.

Personality Trait

  • Intuitive - Extremely intuitive the cancer women can easily get to the truth without a shred of evidence. Leaning on their gut feelings and inborn capabilities they will uncover every hidden aspect.
  • Psychic Abilities - While they might sound silly to come, cancer women do have a touch of psychic abilities. They may not be able to pinpoint things, but they can easily get a sense of right and wrong matters in their life.
  • Self-Protective - When it comes to their feelings of cancer women are protective of themselves. An automatic mechanism that allows them to control the impact others has on their life. Making sure they are not left hurt and vulnerable at the end.
  • Environment Friendly - Cancer women are said to be more environmentally friendly than others. Keeping a note of the impact they are making on the world lets them tame their ways, and make sure they leave the world a better place.

Characteristics of A Cancer Woman

Cancer women are known to be the most loyal out of the bunch, and will easily lay down your life for them. Complimenting their loyalty is their protective nature, which extends to every single person they love.

On other days cancer women are said to be initiative, caring, and overly sensitive at times. Which might let their mood lead their actions from time to time. Meaning they will love you to the breaking point but will be equally in range when left hurt.

While these traits show an extreme side, they are actually said to be balanced. Bringing out different notes of their personality every now and then.

Fashion Style

When it comes to fashion style a cancer woman is always seen in layers. They have a rather feminine style and keep their appearance simple and charming. That being said, when the mood strikes they do tend to take on some high-street fashion styles as well. Creating beautiful appearances that will leave everyone stunned.

However, on a daily basis, they are more likely to choose soft and comfortable fabrics. Something that makes them feel secure and well set for the day to come, and ensures they feel at their best.

At the point of accessorizing they choose vintage things over everything else. Adding to their elegant and sophisticated style that lets them choose the best appearance for the day.

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