The Aquarius Queen:  Personality Traits, Characteristics, Fashion & Style

The Aquarius Queen: Personality Traits, Characteristics, Fashion & Style

"Above all else, Aquarians value their independence. Alone time is absolutely essential for this sign and they will def revolt if they don't have enough space.- Aliza Kelly."

The zodiac sign plays an important role in shaping the personality of a woman. As we are currently approaching the reign of the Aquarius, it is only fair to take a look at what defines women in this zodiac sign. 

Have you ever wondered what makes women in this zodiac sign so special and interesting? Well, here we will break all of the personality traits and characteristics of an Aquarius woman. Also, we will cover the fashion style and jewelry choice of Aquarius women, their birthstone, color preferences, etc.

Personality traits and characteristics

The Aquarius zodiac sign comes to people born from January 22 to February 18. It is a moon sign. The Aquarius woman's personality is considered a force that is never controlled by others. As such, they stand as strong leaders. They are smart, highly intelligent, and independent. These particular characteristics lead to having a deep sense of wisdom, which allows them to apply it whenever and wherever needed. The nature of the  Aquarius woman is altruistic and compassionate. Such characteristics lead to providing nourishing and nurturing abilities, way more than other moon signs. 

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Aquarius women tend to be highly benevolent, involved in generous pursuits like charities and philanthropy. They love, appreciate and value freedom, and stand firmly on their decisions, without asking for outside advice. Interference does not stand good with them, as well as unasked and unsolicited advice too. All of this hides their big and generous heart. Such women are always ready to help. They are flexible understanding, adjustable, and aware of the situation they are in. This type of approach leads to somehow being attached and dedicated to the old stuff, which at times might be seen as moody, even unpredictable, and unexpected. It is the core of their personality to stay grounded, even after getting what they want. That is what makes them so likable to the people around them.

Fashion style

Exclusivity and uniqueness are two fashion characteristics that define the Aquarius women. Their fashion style is ever-changing and ever-evolving. Sometimes, their fashion outfits can be highly refined and sophisticated, while on the other side, there might be a complete change of look and unconventional and unexpected outfits. The charming personality and the unique taste are what make them stand out in the crowd.

Aquarius woman does not follow trends. Just on the contrary, she sets her fashion path. She can go directly opposite of what the trends suggest and do not mind shocking the social environment with the fashion choices. As such, it is only expected that these women adore bold and strong colors, especially the electric blue. Also, red, pink, fuchsia and yellow are very present in the clothes' color palette. This speaks to the choice of eccentric fashion pieces. That is why their style sometimes interlocks with the vintage one. Paying attention to detail is very important for the  Aquarius woman. One-of-a-kind fashion looks and unpredictability are what is considered an adrenaline rush. The statement looks and pieces are part of her personality, as well as her choice of hairstyle and jewelry. They love accessories and want to be noticed through them.

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Aquarius woman is not afraid to experiment with the outfits and try something new. Technology is an important detail that upgrades her fashion sense and presence.

Fashion tips for dressing an Aquarius woman

Aquarius woman is always ready to try something new and look her best but in a new and original way. Here are some fashion tips that show the Aquarius personality through the clothing choices.

As a work outfit, the Aquarius woman picks an outfit that will look different than her colleagues, but in a cool way. She is not afraid to wear colors, unusual silhouettes and she can successfully pull off any look for a workwear look. Color-blocked oversized cardigans, white blouse, timeless, tailored pinstripe pants, and black pointy heels are pieces that she can nail like no other.

For the casual days out and weekends, the Aquarius woman loves a bohemian, comfy, sexy style that looks effortless. Silk camisole shirts, classic denim, sneakers are comfy jackets are her go-to effortless style.


If you like to dress as an Aquarius woman, here are some outfit inspirations to try out: 

- plaid set and turtleneck blouse;

- knit tube top over a button-down blouse;

- shiny puffer with cardigan and jeans;

- sexy corset with light-washed denim jeans;

- see-though set;

- funky jeans with a sleek top;

- fuzzy coat with sweats;

- formal gowns;

- tie-dye mini dress;

- sparkly top with leather pants;

- statement dress with comfy sneakers. 

Jewelry preference of the Aquarius woman 

The birthstone of Aquarius woman is Amethyst. It is a wonderful crystal that has been used since the times of Cleopatra. Back then, she used to wear crystal embedded amethyst in a ring, with an engraved portrait of Mithra, the Persian sun god. The amethyst has a royal scarlet color. As such, it is also known as a powerful crystal with healing abilities such as purification, tranquility, transition, and transformation. The Aquarius woman loves wearing her birthstone on rings, as shiny earrings, or as a pendant to her necklace.

Aquarius women's jewelry preference is quite interesting. She loves statement jewelry, that presides over simple pieces. This type of uniqueness is very interesting, which closely speaks for the taste in jewelry. You can not see an Aquarius woman wearing a thin gold chain or a delicate bangle. The Aquarius woman is the one that stands out with the chunky necklaces, notice-me cuffs, cocktail rings, and other massive pieces.

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Also pretty interesting is their take on the Hippie jewelry. The Aquarius woman is fascinated by the crystals. So, you can expect to see her with crystal necklaces and earrings, something that was very trendy and fashionable in middle school.

Overall, it is safe to say that the Aquarius woman has a unique personality and character, which transfer onto her fashion and jewelry choices, making her stand out and dominate.

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